Track & Field

Track and field equipments in india

Nexus Sports India helped evolve the world of track and field equipment with the original aluminum rocker hurdle. For the most long-lasting athletic track and field equipment that performs year after year.

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Sports discus seller in India

The discus event features the use of a rounded disc, challenging competitors to see who can throw the object the farthest. Like other events, equipment regulations specify the size and weight and makeup of the discus.

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Hammer Dealer in India

A really good hammer just feels right. It has the weight and balance that keeps your hand strong and steady, allowing you to work without increasing or transferring unwanted vibrations and stress to your body.

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Shot puts

Shot put seller in India

The shot put is an event that requires players to throw a large metal ball as far as possible down the field. The ball, known as the “shot,” is made of solid metal and may have a latex covering on the outside to assist competitors with their grip.

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Best Javelins Seller in India

It might seem just like a long stick with a pointy end, but track-and-field regulations specify that the javelin weigh between 400 and 800 grams, with a minimum length of 750 millimeters and a maximum length of 1060 millimeters.

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Hurdles Dealer in India

Hurdles is a specific track event that combines the skill of running with the ability to jump over stationary objects. USA Track and Field regulates not only the height of the hurdles for different events, but the space in between the individual hurdles.

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